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7 Tips for Cleaning a Gas Grill


Though it feels like winter is sticking around like an unwanted guest this Chicago spring, it won’t be long now until we’ll be seeing warmer days! Soon it’ll be sun, fun, and of course, time to get that gas grill roaring again. But before you grab some beef for the barbecue, you should be sure you’re working with a clean slate.

Not sure how to get your grill clean and ready? The appliance professionals at North Town Home Services are here to set you on the right path!

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How to Clean the Grill at Your Chicago Home

Keeping the grill clean and well prepared is the best way to ensure even cook times and prevent dangerous flare ups, and to rid the grill of bad tastes. This is not a cast iron grill, and the only seasoning excess char and grit is going to provide is the taste of a failed party. So grab some gloves and let’s get to it.

Getting the Materials to Clean Your Grill

You don’t need much to get the grill cleaning job done, but you’ll find the following handy:

  • Cleaning cloths. We don’t recommend microfiber for this job—this is the perfect use for old rags and bits of cloth you don’t mind ruining.
  • A trusty grill brush. Nearly any bristle type will do unless you have a porcelain coated grill, in which case you’ll want a brush that is rated for use on porcelain specifically to prevent scratching.
  • A bucket of soapy water, warm or cold doesn’t matter.

Now for Some Grill Cleaning Tips:

  • Get the grill hot first. Cleaning the grill grates while still hot creates a steam action that will help to loosen and remove stubborn food and char.
  • Don’t forget to shut off the gas. Once the grill is hot disengage the gas supply. Safety first!
  • Don’t neglect the burners. Clean burners are the secret to an even flame, so once the grill has cooled down lift away the grates and remove the heat deflectors (which should also be cleaned) to get to the burners.
  • A cleaning solution can be very handy. There are many biodegradable and completely safe cleaning solutions out there. Finding the right one can make the job go a whole lot faster!
  • Finish the job with a fresh coat of oil. No need to go for the olive oil here, just a coat of canola or vegetable oil applied with a clean cloth. This will give you some smooth, well lubricated grill grates next time you want to fire up.
  • Don’t forget your professional maintenance service. Gas grills should be maintained by an appliance expert at least once a year to prevent complications. Grills are great, but they don’t come cheap, so be sure to set a date for your service to ensure you get as many good years out of yours as you can!

Keep Grilling Clean and Easy with North Town Home Services in Chicago

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