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7 Signs You Need Range & Hood Repair


Keeping your Chicago home’s range—and accompanying hood—in proper working order is what lets you to keep on cooking. Of course, you want to ensure it stays in great shape, and preferably, you would rather not wait to get it serviced until it has gone completely kaput.

But, as appliance repair experts in the Chicago area, our team knows very well that not everyone can spot the common warning signs that your range is in need of repair or maintenance service! Need some help? North Town Home Services is here to clue you in on the basics of knowing when to seek service.

Common Stove Problems That Need to be Serviced

Aside from the obvious “it doesn’t work,” your range can actually show quite a few signs of wearing down or working poorly. All you need is for someone to point them out:

  • Uneven cooking. No matter what you do, you can’t seem to get that steak to brown properly on all sides. What’s the issue? Don’t worry: it’s probably not you! It’s more likely that the range is having trouble heating evenly due to a component failure.
  • Mixed success with elements. If you use an electric range in your home, the burners are called “elements.” If these become misaligned, worn out, or unseated they can start working only part of the time, resulting in the element “going out” mid-cooking session.
  • Electrical complications. Pay close attention to how the other electrical appliances in your home behave when the range is kicked on, and particularly the lights. Do the lights flicker, or do breakers trip when you try to use the range? It’s probably time to call Chicago’s range repair specialists!
  • Smelling gas. If you catch the very noticeable odor of natural gas from your range, do not attempt to fix or investigate the issue on your own! Disconnect the range if you can do so safely, and then call an expert right away.

Signs You Need Exhaust Hood Repair

The hood of your stove, also called an exhaust hood, is very important for keeping smoke and fumes from piling up in your kitchen. Since it’s a fairly simple component, it’s pretty easy to tell when it needs a repair. Keep watch for:

  • Excessive smoke in the kitchen. The whole point of a hood is to keep smoke out. If it’s failing to do this it may simply be a clog that requires cleaning, but a common problem is fan failure.
  • Fan makes a loud hum or chopping sound. Any component coming loose or jamming in a fan assembly is going to start producing a repetitive humming, vibrating, or chopping sound. The problem is usually a simple one, but you’ll want a repair professional to come and make sure the system isn’t about to fall apart!
  • Bulb failure. Most modern range hoods come equipped with a light bulb for task lighting while cooking at the range. Is your bulb going out all the time, or is changing the bulb failing to restore proper light function? Then it’s time to call for a repair.

Professional Range & Hood Repair & Cleaning in Chicago

Tired of fighting a losing battle with your range and hood? Call the appliance specialists at North Town Home Services! Our experts have been handling appliance and maintenance for decades, meaning we can get things set straight and back in proper working order in no time. It’s as easy as contacting us online to set an appointment!

Are one or more of these signs happening on your home’s stove? If so, don’t delay and call the Chicago appliance repair experts at North Town Home Services at (847) 999-4600.

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