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6 Ways to Lower Home Heating Costs in Chicago


There’s no other way to say it—staying warm in Chicago this year has been a challenge! The winter winds have been blowing hard, your heating system has been busting its tail, and it’s very likely that your utility bills have been reflecting that. Looking for some ways to shave that cost down while we wait for this season to finally decide it’s done with us? North Town Home Services is here to give you some tips to stay warm without breaking the bank.

Simple and Effective Ways to Drop Heating Costs

The best news of all is that none of the items on our list require much effort from you at all. They’re just simple and proven pointers, so read along and learn the secrets of our heating experts!

Change your furnace’s air filter.

We know, we know. We say this all the time! But that’s because it’s both important and true. Lowering your heating costs comes down to helping your furnace work less, and ensuring adequate and healthy air flow with a clean furnace filter is the number one way to do that.

Make use of ceiling fans.

Plenty of folks will tell you that turning down the thermostat is a great way to reduce costs—and they are correct. However, when you have winters as brutal as they are here in Chicago, turning down the heat is a tall order. Unless you use your ceiling fans effectively. Setting ceiling fans to turn clockwise or “forward” will circulate warm air (that rises) back down into the room, keeping you more comfortable and enabling thermostat adjustments.

Learn about weather stripping and weatherproofing.

Once you’re generating efficient heat, you need that heat to stay in your home. For this, look to insulating, blocking air leaks, and winterizing your windows. Winter window kits are cheap at any hardware store, easy to apply, and can save you tons over the span of a season.

Consider a programmable thermostat.

Depending on what kind of heating you use, a programmable thermostat can go a long way in helping you cut costs. These smart home products learn your preferences and can execute sophisticated routines that optimize your heat use. This can mean cutting down the thermostat in the nighttime or while you’re away, or making tiny adjustments as the day goes on.

Cook all of your meals.

Though a bit simplistic, it’s worth paying attention to how much heat your range or stove generates. Use that to your advantage, cooking all of your meals. Cooking at home is generally cheaper than going out, hot food translates to more body heat, and to wrap it all up nicely, your kitchen will end up quite cozy.

If All Else Fails, Get a New Furnace!

Sometimes you can feel like you’re fighting a losing battle with trying to stay warm and keep costs down. Is your energy or fuel bill rising each and every year? If so, that’s a very clear sign that you need to look at a furnace replacement in the near future. Furnaces that are past the 10 year mark tend to lose power and efficiency in a hurry, meaning a new system could save you a bundle while doing a better job of keeping your home warm at the same time.

Complete Furnace Services in Chicago, IL

Looking for more ways to optimize your heating for higher comfort and lower costs? Contact the Windy City’s HVAC experts at North Town Home Services! Our specialists can set you up with a customized maintenance program to keep your system in peak condition. And when the time comes, our Carrier Factory Authorized technicians can help you find the perfect replacement.

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