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Stove Repair Services in Chicago, IL

Serivce Your Stove With North Town Home Services

Unfortunately, your home’s appliances will not last forever without fault — your stove included. At some point or another, your stove will likely come across an issue. When this happens, it needs to be sorted out by a professional, and that’s where North Town Home Services comes in.

North Town Home Services has been delivering exceptional stove repair services to Chicagoland since 1927. From small tweaks to larger replacements, our team has the skills and resources needed to get even the toughest job done, and we’ll be there to ensure your stove can be relied upon.

Call today at 847-999-4600 for stove repair services from the experts at North Town Home Services!

Common Stove Repairs

A few of the most common stove repairs our team is met with include:

  • Stove won’t turn on
  • Uneven heat
  • Malfunctioning buttons/knobs
  • Strange noises

Gas StoveTops

Gas stovetops are a sleek, wonderful design that fits in seamlessly with an array of homes. In order to ensure things with it are always working as they should, keep an eye out for these issues:

  • Can’t produce a flame
  • Weak burner flame
  • Flame frequently goes out
  • Strong gas odor/leak

Induction StoveTops

Induction stovetops are common, and they are also not free of issues. Here are some common problems they might face:

  • Burner won’t heat up
  • Burner surface won’t light
  • Stove isn’t picking up flow of electricity
  • Burner suddenly turns off

Electric StoveTops

Electric stovetops are another common design, and issues with these types of surfaces need to be checked out immediately to avoid further problems. Signs of an error with an electric cooktop may include:

  • Coils won’t heat up
  • Stovetop won’t turn on
  • Cooktop isn’t heating up
  • Temperature cannot be adjusted
  • Sparks are present

Stovetops are an easy and efficient way to cook meals for yourself and your loved ones. Avoid the hassle of worsening issues by calling 847-999-4600 or scheduling a repair online.

Invest in Routine Maintenance

North Town Home Services recognizes the importance of having regular maintenance performed on any appliance in your home, which is why we offer a comprehensive maintenance plan! Contact us for tune-ups and inspections that will keep your stovetop running as it should.

North Town Home Services Will Be There for You

  • We’ve been serving the community since 1927
  • Our technicians are factory-trained, drug-tested, and background-checked
  • We’ve got trucks full of the necessary equipment to perform top-notch repairs
  • We’ve got a staff of full-time employees — we never hire subcontractors

For stovetop repair solutions that are second to none, call today at 847-999-4600 or contact us online to inquire about what we have to offer.

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