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Gas Stove Range Repair
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Your stove is a vital part of your day-to-day routine. While cooking can be an enjoyable experience, it can often be a stressful one as well, so nobody wants to add to that stress with a broken gas stove range.

If you need appliance repair, call on the experts at North Town Home Services! Call us at (847) 999-4600 or reach out online to schedule a repair.

Why People Love Gas Stoves

The number one reason people give for choosing a gas stove is its excellent temperature control. Its fast heating means you can fry, boil, and flambe more quickly and easily than with an electric model.

Adventurous home cooks who enjoy trying various cooking styles love gas stoves for their advantages over electric ones. Here are the top three reasons people choose or make the switch to a gas stove:

  1. Better control and response speed. Gas burners respond immediately when ignited, while electric burners can take two or more minutes to reach the same temperature. The reverse is true, too, so it’s easy to reduce a rolling boil down to a simmer in no time flat, a big advantage when making things like sauces.
  2. Easy cleanup. Electric ranges are famous for their stubborn messes that sometimes require special cleaning agents, so you don’t scratch the surface. With gas burners, you simply remove the steel grate and wipe away spills. Cooked-on spills can be quickly cleaned with a multipurpose cleaning spray.
  3. Less expensive maintenance. Gas stoves are easier to maintain and troubleshoot, as they don’t have as many advanced features or digital components.

One downside to gas ovens is that they’re known to heat less evenly. If you like to bake but want the benefits of a gas cooktop, you might want to consider a dual-fuel range.

Most Common Gas Range Repairs

Making a minor gas stove repair yourself, such as cleaning the pilot igniter or orifice, is pretty simple. But other repairs are best left to a professional. Common repair calls for gas stoves include:

  • Repairing one or more burners that won’t light, often caused by a faulty control valve.
  • Kitchen exhaust and range hood repair ensure your home’s air quality is at its best. It also prevents smoke from damaging your walls and cabinets. If your range hood isn’t clearing smoke, the motor hums, or the air isn’t venting to the outside, a qualified, expert appliance repair service can get it working correctly in no time at all.
  • If the oven burner doesn’t light, the problem might actually be with the power cable, thermal cutoff, or thermostat.

Caution: If you smell gas when the pilot flame’s not lit, call the gas company immediately, as you might have a leak. Then call our team, because we have vast experience in fixing gas stoves.

The Best Choice for Appliance Repair in Chicago

Since 1927, North Town Home Services has provided complete appliance repair services, including gas range repairs, to homeowners throughout Chicago and the surrounding area. To schedule an appointment to repair your gas stove, contact us online today or call us at (847) 999-4600.

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